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RussaYog® uses the basic yogic approach and adds a rope (russa). RussaYog® includes over 200 trajectories that can be done using a rope, a length of fabric, a danda (portable staff), or no prop at all.

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I depend on these sessions to keep my shoulders in good health, not to mention the rest of my body.

— Jim Daniels, recovered from torn rotator cuff

RussaYog® helped my body recover from all of the abuse that I have given it over the years.

— U-M Physics Professor Brad Orr

You leave class feeling refreshed, optimistic, and ready for the world.

— Logan Winston

A full workout of both upper and lower body that is not easy to find elsewhere.

— U-M Engineering Professor Toby Teorey

The teachers bring a combination of dedication, knowledge, and wisdom to my yoga practice.

— Linda Theil

What's New with RussaYog!

Film Screening

Film Screening

“Nourishing the Body & Soul: Lessons from Sri Harmandir Sahib Langar” Learn about this amazing place, the Golden Temple in Amritsar, India and how 60,000 people are fed a free meal everyday!

Jasprit and Teresa at Taj Mahal circa 1984

The Narrow Path of Wellness

How rare is life? Out of billions of galaxies, stars and their planets, as far as we know, only our Earth sustains life. Additionally, out of the millions of species of life forms, ranging from a few cells on, humans have the most complex form of life. Not only do we live and reproduce, we […]


Cycle of Time

To understand and optimize the power of yoga and RussaYog one needs to grasp some of the unique features of India. More than any other country, India holds an unusual diversity of people and lifestyles. Nearly any way of living imaginable is manifested in lifestyles and rituals of India. Not only is there incredible diversity […]

RussaYog Featured Videos

  • Stretches and Releases

    Learn some great stretches and releases for your hips, legs, calves and spine! Use a one-meter length of fabric to extend and release. Feel tension melting away!

  • Exercise the Heart, Save the Brain

    We’ve all experienced that moment where we wonder why we can’t recall a name, or where we put our keys, glasses, phone, etc. Or when you are reminiscing with a friend you’ve known for a long time and you are sharing memories of what exactly happened at that picnic on the Fourth of July 3 […]

  • Marbles Help Us Understand Yam

    Yam, 1st Limb of Yoga: Rules of the Game. Here Prof. Jasprit Singh (Yogi) uses marbles help us understand the empirical method and how science deals with the inability to predict complex phenomena. What is sometimes called “miracle” for the scientist is an event with a very small probability. The underlying laws of science are fixed […]

  • Core Workout with the Yoga Tree

    These 7 movements will get your heart pumping and the muscles working! Using a unique invention, the Yoga Tree, you can take your rope-based workout anywhere. Jasprit and Tawnnie lead you through a 12-minute sequence to build total strength. Stay hydrated and go at your own pace. visit our shop page or email us to […]

  • Yoga Precision

    Teresa and Jasprit demonstrate common corrections for the stance taken in many yoga poses. Many RussaYog pranayam, kriyas and asans use a wide stance to prepare for the posture. There are 4 levels of performance: Precision, Dance, Ritual, and Worship. Make the most of your yoga practice!

  • Technology & Good Life

    Over the last five decades technology has created a tidal wave that has altered societies and brought incredible gifts to people’s lives. Communications, computation, display, media, entertainment, finance, mobility, healthcare, …there is perhaps no area of human experience that has not been impacted by technology – and mostly – in a positive way.

  • The New Food Pyramid

    What are the added elements to the 7-layer food pyramid? Allow Prof. Singh to explore with you what ancient ingredients add to our total nutritional health. View this video and learn to use spices and other simple ingredients.