Danda: Portable Yoga Workout Anywhere, Anytime

You’ve enjoyed the yoga experience at the studio, but want to practice more regularly. Or maybe you’ve going on vacation…how do you bring the RussaYog® experience with you?

The Danda® allows you to take the RussaYog® experience anywhere! Made of a light-weight portable aluminum alloy, the danda (staff) comes with a rope and an instructional DVD.

Watch this fun, brief video to see the possibilities (and find this unique danda at our studios, or on the RussaYog® shop page)



  1. […] colorful length of cotton fabric (smooth and strong like turban cloth!). Or, consider purchasing a danda, a yoga staff, especially designed by Prof. Jasprit Singh to take your rope practice with you. Or, […]

  2. […] For this reason RussaYog® uses a wide variety of movements: without any accessories; with a danda (a portable staff with an anchored rope); with an anchored rope (in a studio or with the Yoga […]

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