Cooking Lessons: Learn North Indian Vegetarian Cooking with Teresa & Jasprit

Jasprit grew up eating the healthy Punjabi diet, prepared with loving devotion daily by his mother—and his father stepped in, too, preparing special tandoori roti for his growing children. The simple Punjabi diet of dal (lentils), subzee (spiced fresh vegetables), raita (yoghurt salad), and roti (loosely-used term for flatbread or even used to denote a meal) is not only delicious, but also more micro-nutrient-rich than the average western diet. The difference lies in the spices. The consistent use of ginger, garlic and onions also adds needed nutrients.

Teresa began experimenting with Indian cooking as a teen while exploring vegetarianism. Later, observing her mother-in-law and Punjabi relatives closely, Teresa embraced Punjabi cooking and enjoys teaching others who wish to explore the wonderful world of spices, flavors, textures, and aromas of North Indian cuisine.

Interested in exploring the world of vegetarian cooking? Wondering how to best blend spices for a delicious and nutritious meal? Stay tuned for the next cooking lesson with the Singhs in Santa Barbara.

Thank you to all who participated in the October gathering where we experienced pranayam through synchronized breathing, preparing healthy and delicious food, and through nourishing company. Like to see what we prepared? Here’s a downloadable pdf file of the recipes.

Visit our “Cooks” page to stay updated on the next lesson or email us for details.


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