If You Give Me Enough Rope (Dianne Armitage)

Dianne is a beloved RussaYogi at the Santa Barbara Studio. Her welcoming smile and her jolly demeanor further brightens up our colorful studio! I always look forward to see Dianne at my class, and would miss her if she didn’t show up at her regular time. Dianne writes a blog on Amoena Lifelines and recently wrote about her experience with RussaYog. Here’s an excerpt:

“Some things never change, even when we are in the midst of what we think are significant transformations. As outgoing as I appear to be, I am actually pretty shy. I mention this only because it took me nearly two years to build up the courage to walk through the doors at RussaYog® Yoga. I drove by repeatedly (I assure you I wasn’t stalking them, I was on my way to the grocery, or some other errand). I even called a couple of times in an attempt to learn more about their classes…What drew me to RussaYog® Yoga were the ropes. I knew that the breathing and stretching would assist me in calming myself and testing my limits. And I believed that the ropes would provide me with the safety net I seem to need in order to try something just this side of my comfort zone…

Granted, I am still pretty shy about allowing others to see me in a vulnerable position, but I’m even learning to embrace that. And if you’ve ever tried to embrace a vulnerable position, you know you have to be limber!

I’m learning once again to trust my body and to listen to it. Yes, there are times when I’m
scared or hesitant, but I will tell you this, for one hour, three or four times a week, I face fear and work through it and discover once again just how strong I am. I don’t think about breast cancer and I don’t worry about the future. I simply allow the ropes to guide and support me. And when I’m in an especially challenging pose, I usually find myself thinking about what I’m going to eat when the class is over. Remember, no judgment, because when all else fails, I’ve discovered that spandex really is my BFF!”

Thank you, Dianne, for sharing your thoughts. More can be found on Dianne’s blog.


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