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A yogi, a scientist and a Sikh, Jasprit Singh shares insights about life, attitude and practice. Beautifully illustrated with ‘how to’ photos “Create Your Own Good Life” brings to life simple and challenging exercises that comprise RussaYog. Although a rope is a plus, you can use a simple length of fabric to reach high levels of fitness […]


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Inside RussaYog photo by Sondra Berntsson

Where did this RussaYog® idea come from?

Jasprit Singh has integrated a rope into his ‘workout’ routine for decades now. The connection of the rope to Indian mythology stories create a natural link to the use of the rope in modern yoga practice. The rope is so simple, yet powerful that you won’t believe it until you try it. Here’s Jasprit talking […]

triangle with ropes

First time? Learn all you need to know!

You enter a room with brightly-colored mats, jute ropes suspended from the ceiling, gentle music playing. The ropes beckon you to stretch your body gently, ushering in a sense of release. The instructor takes you through mindful breathing, then specific movements with the ropes designed to strengthen and challenge. This ‘child’s play’ is followed by […]