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Prof. Singh will speak at UCSB

Thursday, February 23, 5:30pm, Broida, 1610 “Building a Sustainable Good Life through Technology and Yoga” Dr. Jasprit Singh Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Michigan Dr. Singh is currently focusing on how technology can develop to impact the ability to live the “good life”. He is the founder of the RussaYog style […]

Sustainable Good Life and Technology by Prof. Jasprit Singh

Sustainable Good Life and Technology Lectures

 This exciting new series will be available on the University of Michigan’s YouTube channel…and… If you are in Ann Arbor, you can see the lectures live at the U of M Engineering School. The Good Life: Senses as Motivators for Technology  We examine seven layers of “the good life:” physical wellness, creativity and beauty, balance and harmony, […]