For Your Workplace

Bring RussaYog® to your Workplace: Greater Santa Barbara area.

Use yoga for team-building events or to improve the cohesion of your employees. Our trained RussaYog® instructor will lead your group and develop a session to fit your needs.

We will teach you how to use SHVAS (or release techniques) in the workplace. Nothing like stretching out tired muscles to rejuvenate your motivation and productivity.

Shvas (breath in Sanskrit) is an integrated wellness tool designed to address challenges to wellness in the modern work/learning setting where deadlines, competition, responsibilities, and exhaustion can cause life imbalances.

Three main tools are used in the workplace and can be performed in as little as two minutes each hour.
The ingredients of pranayam, asan, and kriyas accomplish the goals of increasing self-awareness, being able to diagnose yourself to modify poor posture while working, and using good breathing techniques to enhance flexibility, strength, stamina, and balance while releasing negative burdens.

Contact us to learn how you may incorporate these powerful tools to improve your work environment.

Stretch out stress together!